Private Day Trip from Makadi Bay to Pyramids in a Private Vehicle


140 € /Adult
70 € / Child


  • A personal guide who will respond to your individual needs
  • Admire the Giza Pyramids and see the majestic Sphinx
  • The Djoser pyramid is the oldest of the Egyptian pyramids
  • Marvel at the world-famous Sphinx, a statue with a lion's body and a human head
  • The Great Pyramid - find out everything about this impressive structure, which was once built for the Pharaoh Cheops
  • Admire the ruins of the former capital in Memphis, estimated to be over 5,000 years old
  • In addition to the impressive size of the pyramids, the way in which they were built is particularly impressive
  • The step pyramid is the first and therefore also the oldest pyramid in Egypt
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant


Take a private guided tour to the Great Pyramids of Giza and Saqqara and get a unique insight into the culture of the ancient Egyptian civilization from your personal guide. You will also visit the ruins of Memphis, which was built by the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Menes around 3000 BC. . Accompanied by your personal guide, see the following highlights on your tour:

● Saqqara and the step pyramid
Three hundred years before the first great pyramid was built, the first necropolis was built in Saqqara and it was here that the ingenious builder Imhotep designed the first pyramid. The traditional graves of the Egyptians were the so-called 'mastabas', rectangular buildings made of clay, with a flat roof and several rooms. On top of one another, a step pyramid was created 69 m high.

● Memphis
When Egypt around 2,900 BC was united in one great empire, the pharaohs chose Memphis, located in the southern Nile Delta, as their capital. The era of pyramids, which began in the Old Kingdom, finally reached its climax in the great pyramids of Giza "the city of the dead" now a suburb of Cairo.

More than a thousand years later, Egypt had another great time with the Ramses pharaohs, even if Memphis eventually lost its importance. Then the Greeks came as the new rulers and praised the pyramids as one of the seven wonders of the world. Today, over 2,500 years later, only one of the seven wonders of the world still exists - the pyramids of Giza! And they will stand the test of time.

● The pyramids of Giza
The three pyramids of Giza in Egypt are considered to be one of the oldest surviving structures known to mankind. They have located about 15km from Cairo and eight kilometers from Giza city center. The Cheops pyramid has a side length of 225 meters. At the time the pyramid was completed, it was almost 147 meters high. Over time, it lost height due to the influence of the weather. It is the oldest of the three pyramids and was built during the lifetime of Pharaoh Cheops as his resting place for life after death. The Egyptian Pharaoh Chephren was buried in the middle pyramid. This pyramid is now a few meters smaller than it was originally, it measured 143 meters. Mykerinos Pharaoh had a comparatively modest tomb built for himself with the third pyramid of Giza. The smallest of the three pyramids, originally 65 meters and it is not even half as high as the other two.

● The Great Sphinx of Giza
Probably the most famous and largest colossal statue of ancient Egypt is over seventy meters long and about twenty meters high. It was carved out of limestone rock. According to traditional writings from 450 BC Chr it became clear, there were countless myths and legends about the buildings, including the famous Sphinx. The four sides of the pyramids are each precisely aligned with the four cardinal points and there are further signs that the pyramids were built according to an astronomical scheme.


  • Private guided tour to Giza, Memphis, and Saqqara
  • English-speaking guide
  • Personal guidance
  • Entrance fee to the above-mentioned attractions
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Cairo
  • Roundtrip transportation from and to your hotel in Makadi Bay in a private car or minivan


  • Any Extras not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entry to the Cheops and Chefern pyramid (burial chambers)


  • Tour type: private guided tour
  • Pickup time: at around 03.00 am
  • Arrival in Cairo: at around 09.00 am
  • Return to Makadi Bay: at around 09.00 pm
  • Trip Duration: 17 hours (approx.)
  • Meeting / Ending point: your hotel

Please note & Additional Info

  • The private tour to Giza, Memphis, and Saqqara consists only of participants who book the trip together.
  • The private tour is based on a minimum number of 2 participants. Should the minimum number of participants not be reached, we will offer to operate the trip with a cost supplement.
  • Children's price: Age 5 - 10